Dynamic Song Performance
Song Performance Skills
How are song performance skills developed?
Keys to performing?
Is Dynamic Song Performance right for you?
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What Is Song Performance?
Song Performance defines our essence as artists ... It is the destination of a physical journey (vocal & body) of the actor/singer through a song via Imagination, Creativity, and Emotion.

What are
Performance Skills?
Acting & Song Performance Skills covered in the Dynamic Performance program depend upon the goals of the performer.
They may include:
- Style Development - Individuality.
- Audience Connection.
- Rhythm - Your Relationship With The Music.
- The Song's Introduction ... What To Do?
- Song Interpretation.
- Subtext and Emotion Exploration.
- Lyric Phrasing.
- Timing.
- Articulation and Diction.
- Body Movement/Rhythm.
- Hand Movement/Expression.
- Facial Expression.
- Vocal Range.
- Microphone Technique.
- Voice Production.
- Audience Psychology.
- Poise
- Stage Personality
- Grooming
- Recording Techniques
- Showmanship
- Humor
- Vitality
- Song Repertoire
- Professionalism
- Audition Skills
- Posture