Dynamic Song Performance
Performance Skills
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How Song Performance
Skills Are Developed

Performance Skills are developed by learning the techniques of our craft and then rehearsing those techniques while we allow ourselves to travel beyond our self-imposed boundaries and to draw upon our imagination, creativity, and emotion to enter the world of artistic freedom and pure joy.
In other words,
work hard and enjoy the process.

Dynamic Performance
brings out
the best performer in you.

1. Learn Your Craft.
Discover how comfortably and quickly you will improve upon the technical aspects of our craft; such as voice, sound, movement, space, and audience psychology, which will permit you to become "one" with your audience. Examine how audiences enjoy life vicariously through our performances ...

2. Explore Your Inner Universe.
You are capable of becoming a better performer than you ever imagined. What is appropriate and expected of you on stage as a performer would probably get you fired from a real day job. Who are you ... the performer? It is a question we must all ask ourselves ...
What makes an audience want to return to see us perform over and over again?

3. Enjoy.
Performance skills are best developed through mutual respect between artist and coach,
lots of laughter, and good old fashioned hard work. Enjoy our craft. I do.

John Michael Ferrari