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Is Dynamic Song Performance Right For You?

What is a Song Performance Coach?

A Song Performance Coach helps with the voice but teaches performance.
A Coach is different from a voice teacher in several respects:

As a performance coach, I utilize vocal and physical techniques to develop a singer's Imagination, Creativity, and Emotion performance skills while working with song material. I assist artists in overcoming easily correctable vocal problems we may encounter, such as faulty breathing and voice placement. As a Song Performance Coach, I rarely utilize vocal exercises. Instead, if you desire heavy emphasis on vocal techniques, there are numerous excellent voice teachers who specialize in improving voice through scales and other vocal exercises.

My attitude:
If you want to be the best performer you can ... don't settle. Mediocrity is an artist who is satisfied with just memorizing words and singing hopefullly on key. Our craft can much more satisfying than that

I love performing, rehearsing, and teaching. The next best thing to performing is to experience talented singers, actors, and musicians and guide them through informative and fun journeys toward their professional goals.

This web site will give you a feeling for what song performance skills provide. Please contact me if Dynamic Song Performance program is right for you! Give me a call or Email me for a free initial consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person.
John Michael Ferrari