Dynamic Song Performance
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Believability Is The Key
To Performance

For a singer to achieve believability, song performance must include honest visual, auditory, and sensory input.

The strongest input we have as performers is our sexual energy and our ability to harness its qualities. Sexual energy, sometimes referred to as "charisma", can transform mediocrity into genius and genius into amazing heights of creative inspiration and insight.

Too many of our thoughts are focused inwardly ... on ourselves ... which can cause us to be overly self-conscious. As a result, an artist can remain stuck in a state of
emotional fear.

Dynamic Song Performance skills reach the creative spirit inside of the performer and awaken those artistic feelings, thoughts, and emotions that result in confidence as an on stage persona. The numerous rewards include a sense of freedom of expression and a greater appreciation for one's own talents. This should put a smile on your face
and a dime in your pocket.

A song is more than words to be sung ... a true entertainer will transform the song into a total experience to be remembered and pleasantly recalled for a lifetime.

Successful entertainers know how to connect with their audience. "Don't talk to strangers!" ... that's what we were told as children. However, 99% of each of our new audiences usually start off as strangers. And, if we don't make a real connection with our audience ... they walk out before then become friends.

There are safe and easy methods of expressing our love and appreciation to our audiences in a sincere and believable manner. Your audience may enter as strangers but, at the end of your performance, you want them as your fans.
John Michael Ferrari