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Dynamic Performance Skills
Acting and Song Performance Coach

John Michael Ferrari

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Public Performances
"Ferrari & Friends"
with Allison Iraheta
John's Student &
winner of Telemundo's

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Actors and Singers:
IMMEDIATELY improve your craft

Scene Study - Cold Reading
Video Feedback
Style - Phrasing - Voice
Stage Personality - Body Movement
Showmanship - Believability
Audience Psychology
Audition Psychology
Positive Mental Attitude!!

Inquire about Individual Coaching
by John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay
where the goal is immediate results.

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Demo Reel
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"Run" : Words, music, and performance by John Michael Ferrari
"Run" Music Video
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Visit Pepper Jay Productions for current video
of John performing with some of the singers from
"Ferrari & Friends," his "Oldies Band"

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John Michael Ferrari
Hollywood, California
(323) 957-1168 x 2

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